My candidacy is based on more than 24 years of experience as a criminal law practitioner and litigator. I am trained to readily identify the flaws and shortcomings in the government’s case – and this is precisely why I would make an effective State’s Attorney.

I have been a dedicated public servant since I began as a lawyer for children and juvenile public defender in New York City, in 1997. 


For eight and a half years with the public defender’s office in Massachusetts, I served the underprivileged in a serious felony unit acting as lead counsel in several jury trials.  


Addison County has been my home since 2015, where I represent adults and juveniles as a public defender and work as a private practitioner in a Middlebury law firm. 


The position of State's Attorney (SA) is a powerful one with an enormous amount of discretion. I have the experience to know which are the critical cases to prosecute. Let us stop criminalizing poverty and addiction and focus on the dangerous criminals that threaten our community.



Re-focus prosecutions on the most serious cases – truly dangerous criminals, repeat offenders and those that act with malice and cruelty towards others.

Credit those defendants whose cases have been pending for a year or more where the defendant has not gotten into further trouble or violated conditions of release.

Curtail the practice of charging minor technical violations that do not have a true impact on public safety.

Make plea offers that are fair and related to the circumstances of the individual case and structured to meet the specific needs of the victims, defendants and the community. Discontinue the practice of making generic plea offers based on the past routine or an outdated practice.

Institute a pilot DUI Diversion program that will allow first-time, low-level offenders to get needed help with addiction issues and safe driving practices – and avoid a lifelong criminal record.

Refer low-level misdemeanors to diversion, where allowed, and encourage the use of restorative justice in every case where appropriate – with special focus on misdemeanor drug possession.

Support and advocate for more on-the-ground services for those in need – such as mental health interventions, long-term counseling services, anger management programs, sex offense treatment and domestic violence programming that is achievable and cost-effective. (Note that there is currently no anger management program and no provider that is trained to provide sex offender treatment for youth in this county.)

Refer more cases to Drug Treatment Court.

Maintain a database of cases with specific underlying issues – drugs, alcohol, firearms, mental health, social needs such as housing and poverty – and use that data to inform public policy.

Be a better partner with law enforcement by working with local and state police to ensure that on-the-ground investigations and future prosecutions are successful and consistent with the goal of public safety and a just enforcement of the law.

Curtail the practice of “overcharging” cases simply because the statutes allow it.

Ensure that we have a staff of skilled prosecutors who prosecute critical cases related to public safety, but who also use their discretion with compassion and intelligence.



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With my policies, I’ll put experience into action. I believe that we can both keep our families and streets safe while also taking a more even-handed approach to prosecuting crime and clearing the court backlog.


July 2022